Ashley received a Bachelors in Interior Design at Western Carolina University in 2004 where she later went on to intern under Residential designer Darren Whately and Kitchen designer Ann Sullivan in Highlands, NC for a year and became Junior designer with a focus on rustic mountain interiors in a second and third home market. In Cashiers, NC she worked as a kitchen designer for two more years and in 2009 she started Elements Unlimited where she began working independently as a designer and home stager. She has worked in Wilmington as a kitchen designer and currently enjoys design consultation with Southeastern Marble and Granite. Ashley is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and The National Kitchen and Bath Association.


My Story

I feel blessed to have enjoyed the opportunity to travel throughout my life. The exposure I gained is a privilege. Education and hard work are important. I have always been curious and driven to discovery, a bit rebellious in my way of thinking, creative in how to solve problems and to think outside the box. I question the norm and challenge conventional ideas. This is why I chose interior design as a career; to create beautiful and considerate design. I enjoy engaging with people and I am fascinated by diversity. I regard the time to draw upon on my conclusions and think through my decisions before coming to the end. I gather, absorb and create a result. This is reflective in my work.


Through the years I have developed my approach, perspective and how I work with clients. Changing and rethinking my model of business. Taking calculated risk and the courage involved to work through with patience gives me a foundation for intuition. The balance to deliver the clients' vision to the end with support, encouragement and enthusiasm can be a juggle. I have acted as marriage counselor often. Yet, mostly I love the connection, listening and working through the process because it can be overwhelming to change our environments as our lives change. Where to start, where to end? The psychology and emotion behind how we vision living in a home in is an integral part of creation and living well.